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French director Luc Besson loves strong  women. He’s made a career of female action figures: “La Femme Nikita” and “The Fifth Element”, among them.  “Lucy” is his most fierce creation to date. And Scarlett Johansson  is the perfect choice to play her.

Lucy (we never learn her last name) is a student in Taipei having a 2 week old romance with a shady character when she becomes an unwilling drug mule, carrying a synthetic substance  that gives her superhuman  powers, expanding her brainpower til it literally blows her mind.. Morgan Freeman is  the only academician in the world who fully understands what’s happening to her.

What a fun kick-ass movie!  It’s not just what Lucy  does with her brain-kicking butt  as she pursues the kingpin who did this to her, it’s a visually stylish  film.  Yeah- there are some holes in the plot- like why does  Lucy need to ramp up her brain power  to 100% when she  can  keep the bad  Chinese gangsters  away with just a wave of her arm??? But that would  blow the whole premise of the movie- which is  what would happen  if we could use 100% of our brains, when  we now use  just 3 to 5%.

Unlike the 2 hour plus  thrillers of the summer, “Lucy” gets it all done in  just under 90 minutes , withouit those pesky 3-D glasses !! You don’t even need to use even 1% of your brain power  to love “Lucy”.

3 stars


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